Bait Glove
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Sometimes it's the simplest little invention that can solve the biggest problem.

If you are like most fisherman you have more than a few fishing rods and surely you have encountered the dreaded rat's nest.

  • 6" Bait Glove - (3 pack)
  • Super small edging for reduced hook snags
  • Low profile makes it easier to get rods from your rod locker
  • Constructed of durable rubber-backed canvas 
  • Quality Velcro to secure it positively to your lure and rod
  • Easy to store
  • Paired up with the Rod Glove, you're completely protected.

We are talking about that time when you're in a frenzy to get a line in the water but you are forced to spend ten agonizing minutes untangling crank baits from spinners, hooks from the kids tshirt or the worst of them all....the barbed hook caught in a rope... We all hate that! 

This is where the Bait Glove comes to the rescue, its is a super tough piece of canvas with a velcro strap, it wraps easily around any bait or lure and protects you and the lure from any damage. 

I am sure you are thinking... "well, I could make that!" Okay then, go right ahead...but for $9.49 we'll send you a pack of three and you can do better things with your time, like maybe do that thing you were supposed to do?

Bait Glove
Bait Glove
Bait Glove