Thee Fisherman's Soap
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We know you all love fishing just as much as we do, but lets face it, not everyone likes stinky hands! So if your hands stink then this is the soap for you. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, odor eliminating soap that will completely eliminate that foul “fish stink” from your hands, tackle, livewells/baitwells and clothes.

The team here at GetReeled have tried this stuff and it really works, it even got the stink off of Andy thats amazing! It also works great to remove sunscreen, bait attractants, chum, onion, garlic, catfish bait, cigarette, boiled seafood, grease,oil, pet odors, and even skunk! It won’t dry out your hands and leaves them feeling soft and odor free.

Just wet your hands, apply some soap, scrub and rinse......and stop being that guy who reeks!